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Community Outreach

While it’s obvious that leading world-class tours and safaris is at the forefront of our business focus, 1000 SGTS has numerous layers that serve as the foundation for carrying out our business model and values. In an attempt to continue to connect with the Ugandan community and to understand justice issues that affect society, we involve ourselves in several community projects to not only give back, but to remain on an equal plain within the areas we operate.

See Them Grow Foundation

See Them Grow Foundation has partnered with 1000 Shades of Green Tour & Safaris with an aim of assisting the vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Uganda. Whenever you or a friend takes a safari with 1000 Shades of Green, you indirectly support these children because up to 10% of the proceeds received from the safari goes back to See Them Grow Foundation.

The See Them Grow Foundation recognizes that every child deserves to enjoy the right to education as well as to be protected from abuse and exploitation. The STG Foundation seeks to provide a better way of life for  some of the most vulnerable children in Uganda by offering access to an inclusive and quality education to orphaned children. See Them Grow Foundation seeks to fulfil the pillars of the rights of children as recognized by United Nations convention on the rights of the Child (UNCRC).

See Them Grow Foundation’s main focus is to assist children most especially orphans in Uganda to have immediate access to free, high quality, education by financing school related costs, such as fees, uniforms, books, and meals in order to relieve economic burdens on impoverished families.

We believe by sponsoring a child’s education needs, we help support core poor families to educate their children, and above all to provide a valuable incentive to keep children in full time education and thus work towards meeting the second Millennium Goal which seeks to ensure that, by 2015, children everywhere, boys and girls alike, will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling.


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